So it begins

I sat on my couch last Friday night, filling out and submitting my application for a long-term mission in Poland with Proem Ministries. And today, I got it back.

Approved! Green light! It’s really happening!

God has made it so clear that I need to do this. Like, I’m convinced in a way that I’ve never felt before in my life. His Spirit is prodding me forward and I feel a little crazy trying to get all this done in 2 months. But he is able and I’m going to trust his lead.

My next steps are to get a donations account set up for people to start giving and committing to give regularly. Then sell a bunch of my stuff to buy the plane ticket and curb all of the debt I have. That includes my car. I’m worried about that one, but God’s going to come through as he always has. I have to tell myself that to remember. And, actually, I almost forgot. The family I nanny for agreed to let me borrow their extra car for as long as I need last week when I shared that I would be selling mine. What the what?! God at work even before I had the official O-K.

Even so, I can’t help but feel somewhat overwhelmed by how much I need to accomplish in short order. It’s not easy uprooting your habitual life, but I believe there are some crazy awesome things to come from all of this. Just worry about today, right, God? (Matthew 6:34)


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