Milestone #1

He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.

Matthew 8:26

God pulled through at the last minute. I bought my plane ticket. Poland is officially a-go!

The reality of this hasn’t totally sunk in yet. The week before this past one, I was at a loss. God had taken everything out of my control, except for my continuous reaching out for financial support and prayers. But I took a step back from that too because it was overwhelming me. I needed to just pray and believe God would make things work. He took away the other options for a reason. And bam! On the exact day I had hoped to purchase my plane ticket (my birthday), I received an extremely generous monthly commitment that pushed me up to $1000 monthly. What?! And not only that, but the plane ticket I originally wanted for $617 went up about $100, but the other flight came up to that exact same number. Crazy and so good.

Not that God will always answer this way. I know he’s not a magic genie granting wishes and fulfilling every whim or wish. But it shows that when you’re on the path he chooses, he totally provides. Oh, me of little faith!

I’m mentally slapping my forehead for doubting God’s ability to pull through in the clutch. He does it all the time and I know the rest of the funding I still need will come through, too. So, please do consider donating if you haven’t yet. I’m praying this week for full-funding by August 6th. We shall see!




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