2021: Hello again

About a year and a half ago, I stopped adding content to my journal because it was too time consuming and I was adjusting to my third year as a missionary, second year as an English teacher of teens. I hadn’t (and still haven’t) decided on a consistent posting schedule, but I want to continue recording my experiences here.

This past year, 2020, was so difficult for a lot of people. Between isolation, unrest, division and the on-going stress of a worldwide pandemic, it’s just been an unprecedented period for many of us. I feel especially pressured to re-learn teaching ESL/EFL in an online environment after just getting a flow and routine with teaching in-person classes. Ugh. But if anything, I’ve learned to be flexible and humble, and more human/empathetic as an educator. We began distance learning last spring in Poland–being one of the only schools that continued education without interruption–and almost a year later, find ourselves in the same situation, but I hope that in the coming weeks, the schools will be able to safely re-open.

This new year brings a lot of change for me, too (hence the title). I applied for graduate school at Wheaton College to further my understanding and training in TESOL and learn how to incorporate intercultural connections within that sphere. I’m excited, but I can only do the program if I’m granted the Billy Graham scholarship offered through their school. I won’t find out any news for another month or so. Please pray for me over that. It would be so, so beneficial for Proem Edu and future ministry outreach to have that training.

I also began helping The Place (Piotrków) this year. It’s pretty cool. They offer English practice for all ages, which opens the door for building connections and relationships with our ministry and the community. There’s also workshops, youth and family events…something for everyone. I’m so grateful I can volunteer time to help them. I teach a lot of private lessons during the week too (bills need to be paid and my support is only so much), and being able to carve out time for this was really important to me. Love all of them that work there throughout the week, and extra kudos because the majority are parents of very young kids.

Anyway, I continue on with the mission. I’m grateful for everyday I get to serve here, truly. I’ve got roots in this place and I don’t see God moving me anytime soon. 🙂


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