Rozpoczęcie roku szkolnego (Start of the School Year)

First day of school this year was a little different than years past. Students went to their classrooms, had time to meet their homeroom teachers or be welcomed back by their previous homeroom teacher last year. (Students keep the same teacher from grades 1-3 and another through grades 4-8.) Before the pandemic, there was a big welcoming ceremony with all the parents for the preschool, elementary and high school, but this year was just the students on the first day, and the parents had an introductory meeting on two separate evenings. The native speakers went around to (re)introduce ourselves to our students this day. We also had a chance to introduce ourselves to all the parents via video they played for their meeting.

Class 2. Click the picture to see more of the classes on the school FB page.

Thankfully, the first week and a half of school is just adjusting to the plan and getting a feel for the students. I have some challenges this year, but most of my classes are in the afternoon (yay sleeping in!) and I’ve had all of the classes except for a handful of new students in years past, so I know their quirks pretty well.

So far, things are pretty peaceful despite making many adjustments at the beginning, and hopefully, we can expect a normal school year. My hasło for this year will be ‘joy’ and ‘perseverance.’

Also, if you’d like a quick tour of the school as we were still prepping for day one, see below:


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