The Calling

“Why Poland?”

I get this question all the time. It’s a small country, not so well known on the global scale and not very rich. There are some opportunities here, but not as many as countries farther west and in the US. You can get paid better elsewhere.

If I think about these aspects, of course, Poland doesn’t really look like a wise choice. It’s true about the money and opportunities, and in addition, I have to learn a fairly complicated language with a fair bit of competence to really live here.

But do we ever expect where God plants us when it’s his plan and not ours?

From my very first day as a long-term missionary, I’ve felt like I’m home. There has yet to be a moment when I regret staying long-term here or feel like I should be somewhere else. I’ve had doubts about how God wants to use me in ministry, but my roots were set in the proper place.

How am I so sure of this? What certainty do I have from God? Well, his Spirit and how provision just seems to show up when it’s needed most. I mean, that part is kind of scary. My sustenance is dependent on the grace and generosity of others, but ultimately, it’s all in God’s hands. And I have to trust that. Talk about a massive leap of faith.

I think some of the best advice is to simply walk the path the Lord has set, be discerning in your steps forward, but trust that God knows the details and will give them to you when it’s time to know. Jeremiah 29:11 comes to mind: God knows the plans, so our job is to follow.


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