Support Me

There are a few ways you can partner with me and Proem. A month-to-month commitment is my biggest need, so please consider making this type of donation. All donations are tax-deductible and you’ll receive a statement/receipt in January.

*Note: Please add my full name to the Notes/Memo section of the online giving form, and on the envelope or a post-it note for mailed in checks. *

1. Mail in checks

You may send checks made out to Proem Ministries at this address:

Annette Peters
(Attn: Missionary Support – Theresa Ducksworth)
Proem Support Ministries
12910 Shelbyville Road, Suite 200
Louisville, KY 40243

And again, please write my name on a post-it note or on the envelope as shown, not on the check itself.

2. Direct Deposit

Contact me for further instructions or questions about automatic debits.

3. Online (please note: a portion of your online donation will be taken for processing fees)

Click here to donate online through Proem’s site.

  • Select Missionary Support under ‘Ministry Designation’ menu.
  • Select donation frequency.
  • Add my full name (Theresa Ducksworth) to the Notes/Memo section of the form.


Please pray for the process of gathering support, preparations before and after arrival, patience and trust in God’s ways through this journey, and the many people that will be impacted by this mission.

Thank you!